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Nobody likes being told what they can and cannot do. However, like it or not, when we purchased our properties in Summerfield, we all agreed to abide by certain rules handed down in the form of deed restrictions. (Honest! It was one of the documents you put your John Hancock on at your closing, about the time you were wondering whether your writing hand was going to survive the ordeal.) These deed restrictions were designed to lend a sense of consistency to the community, and they are legally binding. It is therefore in everyone's best interest for property owners to know and understand what these covenants require.

Many sections of the restrictions deal with items primarily of interest during the home construction process, covering issues like set-backs, sewer inspections, and minimum square footage. Others cover points which typically become germane after occupancy, such as the installation of pools and the placement of fences.

A comprehensive listing of all the items would be as long and dry as the document itself, which typically runs about four typewritten pages. However, several topics seem to come up again and again. Without attempting to be all-encompassing, here are some areas we've found frequently give rise to problems:

Here are some questions we are commonly asked about deed restrictions:

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